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What's Your Ultimate Destiny Quotient?

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What’s your UDQ (Ultimate Destiny Quotient)? This is the first and most important question to be answered by whoever has a strong desire to assess where he or she stands in terms of achieving what he or she came for to experience in this life. The University for Successful Living is proposing as part of its 14-courses program a set of quizzes and exercises, and in particular the Wheel of Life Exercise aimed precisely at making such assessment and helping all those individuals interested to do the most they can to live their life successfully, to identify in which area of their life progress has still to be made and how much. Obviously each individual will make his own decision on whether or not to pursue success by improving his skills in the relevant areas for him or her.

Completing these fun insightful exercises will help you A.R.K — Awaken to your true identity, Realize more of your potential and Know how to create your Ultimate Destiny as YOU enjoy greater happiness, fulfillment and prosperity in every area of the Successful Living Wheel™.

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